Why we all need to detox daily from radiation and how to do it!

Q: Why do we need to detox daily?

A: We are all being radiated on a daily basis and it harms our bodies in the following ways.

Radiation causes symptoms like sleep problems, dizziness, heart palpitations and breathing problems? Yes but that is not all!
Radiation can cause early menopause, gastro intestinal disorders, nausea and vomiting diarrhoea, headaches, fever, dizziness and disorientation, weakness and fatigue, bloody vomit and stools from internal bleeding, low blood pressure, infections and hair loss. All  of these conditions have been identified on the CDC website!

The EPA Environment Protection website states that radiation can cause cancers, rapid heart beat, and hair loss. Other conditions brought on include persistent respiratory problems, forgetfulness, tinnitus, shortness of breath, fluctuating blood pressure, eye problems including gritty vision, skin breakouts, blistering, burns that are more severe than sunburn, vertigo, urinary infections, recently acquired allergies to foods, flatulence and the development of general allergies including in response to lights, chemicals, smells and noise. It can also shut down your entire body in seizures, coma and death.

The difficulty is that so many of these symptoms are blamed on other sources!

How are our governments harming us with radiation?
Our governments are enabling radiation poisoning in 3 ways. Most recently as a direct radiation weapons: Recent participants in a Freedom March in Canberra that numbered up to two million Australians were radiated by the Federal police using a weapon used on a peaceful crowd of men women and children called the Access Denial System (ADS). This radiation weapon can be directed at specific people or spread across a crowd giving those people acute radiation poisoning. The symptoms included fatigue, blistering on the skin, and headaches. Thousands reported these symptoms, some reported organ issues throughout their body as a direct result of radiation.

Secondly the Australian government has enabled and participates in weather engineering and cloud seeding and cloud creation using reflective aerosols, cloud seeding and chemtrails. Australia’s ongoing use of this technology is detailed in the following article in Tottnews.com https://tottnews.com/2018/06/25/australian-companies-manipulating-our-weather/

Essentially what is in these chemtrails?
The chemtrail sprays often contain fungi, bacteria, viruses, desiccated red blood cells, crystalline substances, carbon, metal cations, lithium, other chemicals, heavy metals, smart dustsmart particlesnanoparticles and God knows what else. We’ve left the links to the site we found this info on so you can do more research. We understand that the contents of the chemtrails may indeed contain chemicals that impact our health. Our family is impacted immediately after chemtrails have been made with each of us complaining of sinusitis, headaches, fatigue and dizziness once we leave the house or step outside.

Telecommunications Radiation
Then we come to one of the most controversial but in your face obvious causes of radiation and that is the telecommunications industry owned and run 3, 4 and 5 generation technology used to supply our internet and mobile phone systems. These systems create dirty electricity and radiation.

Can telecommunications radiation harm you?
The answer is yes, according to the results of the first study in the world to investigate the effects of this exposure. These symptoms are consistent with ‘microwave syndrome’, a condition described by Russian researchers as early as the 1970s. It includes symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, headaches and trouble sleeping, concentration and memory problems. The same symptoms are often described as ‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity’ (EHS) and were also reported among embassy staff afflicted by the so-called ‘Havana Syndrome’. Here is a case from this study:

A radiation case study:
The study was conducted by Professor Lennart Hardell, an oncologist at Örebro University Hospital, and Mona Nilsson from the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation. It investigated the symptoms a man and his wife developed following the installation of a 5G base station on the roof of their apartment.

The couple, in their early 60s, had lived in the apartment for ten years, generally enjoying good health. The apartment had a base station on the roof with 3G and 4G antennas. In November 2021, the base station was upgraded to 5G and almost immediately afterwards both the man and the woman developed a raft of symptoms that were so severe that the couple moved from the apartment shortly afterwards.

After the 5G was activated, the man’s existing problems of hypertension, tinnitus and nosebleeds worsened, and he developed fatigue, sleeping problems and emotional abilities. His symptoms reduced or completely disappeared within a day of moving from the apartment.

The woman developed more symptoms than her partner. ‘Most pronounced was difficulty sleeping and dizziness, followed by skin problems (burning sensation, tingling in the skin of hands and arms), difficulty concentrating, irritability, tinnitus, balance problems, impaired short-term memory, confusion, fatigue, tendency to depression, heart and lung symptoms, … palpitations, feeling of heaviness over the chest and feeling of warmth in the body.’ The majority of her symptoms reduced or completely disappeared within three days of the move to the new home.
For many people, the new 5G network poses a variety of health concerns, and they have strong arguments to support their concerns. Some of the main points of debate they present include:

  • The exposure we may experience from new 5G base stations create a higher risk of specific tumours, including heart, brain, and adrenal gland tumours. (5)
  • In the studies where scientists added real-life conditions to tests, there was a substantial increase in the adverse effects of wireless radiation. (8)
  • Studies have shown that electromagnetic waves are transferred to the body when using mobile phones. These electromagnetic waves can cause a variety of health problems, particularly in the ear and skull region, and affect neurons. (9) 5G’s promise of faster speed and connectivity may result in an increased use of mobile devices, which could increase users’ chances of experiencing these effects.
  • Studies on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks have shown several side effects from using mobile phones, including stress, brain damage, neuropsychiatric effects, sperm and testicular damage, fatigue, oedema, dizziness, cellular DNA damage, and more. (9) If the previous generations of mobile technology presented such side effects, it’s likely that 5G will do the same.
  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer has indicated that radio frequency electromagnetic waves (including those used in 5G) are possibly carcinogenic. (2) We have left the links to the research in the numbered brackets for you.


Dirty Elctricity
Dirty electricity is everywhere, its leaking from all overhead wires transferring electricity to our homes and workplaces. Towers containing 3, 4 and 5 G receivers require electricity in large amounts to push the data through. These towers emanate dirty electricity which affects our health in many ways.

Dirty electricity is produced by your standard range of household electrical devices including light bulbs and handheld electronics. It is created from voltage fluctuations from zero to thousands of volts, and back, in a fraction of a second.

Internal sources include any device with an electronic transformer and include everyday devices like energy-saving lights (fluorescent light bulbs), solar inverters, computers and their peripherals such as printers, fax machines, and photocopiers, coffee machines, toasters and more!

Dirty electricity is associated with:

  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Concentration issues
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Mood
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Pain
  • Sleep issues

Dr Olle Johansson has even demonstrated that electrical fields can disrupt our immune system by triggering a response reserved for when the body is affected by a virus or bacteria.

If left unaddressed and untreated, this can lead to chronic inflammation, which, in turn, can exhaust the adrenal glands, affect your cognitive abilities, and lead to mood changes, anxiety, and memory loss. Many people now feel this way on a daily basis and have forgotten how it feels to feel great when we wake in the morning.

Could the telecommunications giants be hurting us on purpose?

It has been reported that in some regions such as on the Gold Coast in Queensland pulsing radiation is being turned up to 3 times the safe levels at around 3am every morning. Some have tested the EMR at this time and reported on this strange and unsafe phenomena, whilst many have woken at this time as a response to the surge in EMR experiencing pain and discomfort whilst they sleep.

How can you reduce radiation impact on your as more about in the world?

Simply wear a piece of shungite jewellery – either a bracelet, or pendant piece will provide you with up to 1/2 metres of radiation protection. Shop for shungite jewellery on our store.

Shungite Pendant

Wear a shungite pendant to provide radiation protection from 3, 4 and 5G radiation sources.

How can you prevent dirty electricity in your home?

If you want to clean up your living environment and reduce the impact of dirty electricity, here are a few things you can do.

• Be mindful about the appliances you add to your home

When you’re buying new electronic items, choose brands that use electricity more efficiently and are of higher quality.

If this is not an option, simply try and reduce the number of electronic items you use in your home. You may be surprised by how many items produce dirty electricity including printers, gaming consoles, and even Wi-Fi devices!

• Get into the habit of turning off every appliance that you aren’t using it does not need to be on including your router.

If you want to reduce dirty electricity and create a healthier space at home with the side benefit of saving money from the energy you save, turning off electrical appliances and devices can reduce the scale of this problem.

Really consider what light bulbs you are putting up. In order of preference, to reduce the likelihood of dirty electricity, you should use:

 Incandescent bulbs (Yes, the ones your parents used before we became fixated with the longevity of light bulbs and their energy savings!).

• Light Emitting Diode (LED bulbs), which, depending on the brand, can still produce dirty electricity.

• Compact Fluorescent light (CFL bulbs) are the least favourable and are the worst for dirty electricity.

If you come across incandescent bulbs, stock up! You might get some from charity stores or op shops.

Protect your family by placing Shungite pieces around your home in front of your wifi router, TV’s and other smart devices and place phones on shungite tiles whilst they charge. We stock a variety of decorative pieces that provide radiation (EMR/EMF)  from egg shapes and spheres to pyramids and cubes. The larger the piece you use the bigger the radius of protection you can expect. We outline the shape : radius specs on the site under the shungite tab. You might also choose to tile a room or floor with shungite tiles to create non radiation space. A similar room has been created in Paris for use to speed healing and recovery. Shungite tiles can be purchased from our store, ordering the required amount you need for installation of tiles in your home.

Have your home assessed for EMF and Dirty Electricity and then see how and where you can improve your wellbeing in your home or workplace. 

It’s important that you have your home assessed for all types of electromagnetic fields including dirty electricity to make sure you’re living in a safe and healthy environment. Contact us at www.EMF.Report to have us provide a comprehensive report and give you some tailored solutions.

Here is the detox regime!
Your body needs this everyday – Magnesium, Nascent Iodine, Shungite water, redox water and redox gel.

Here is why:
Redox water increases cellular communication and provides a natural detox mechanism by increasing glutathione levels in the body by up to 800%. With a supplemented daily dose of redox your cells can then communicate clearly with each other understanding when to repair, replenish and delete rogue cells. We suggest you drink a minimum of 120mls of redox water per day and double that dose if you are over 40 or suffering from an auto immune condition or if you are inflamed. Contact us directly to purchase.

Redox Gel is applied to the body wear pain or wounds are found. Use it to reduce headaches and to help the body heal itself. The gel contains the same magic stuff that is in the redox drink. There are so many uses for this gel but as it pertains to radiation we suggest rubbing it on your pineal area on the back of your neck and applying it to your face daily. If you  are suffering from any skin condition or radiation burn  use it often to speed up the bodies healing process. Contact us directly to purchase.

If you’d like to read tremendous testimonials about using redox products please contact us directly to find out more. We can help you join a private group on Facebook or can send you to a website for you to review.

Shungite Water

Shungite rocks for shungite water creation.

Shungite rocks are used to create shungite water. These rocks provides great tasting mineralization for your drinking and showering water,  and it is anti-bacterial, and anti fungal. By soaking your water in shungite rocks you are hydrogenating your water thereby creating up to 18 times more hydrogen molecules per oxygen molecule– making it wetter and a powerful anti-inflammatory water The ph is balanced after the 3 days providing your body with what it craves. Shungite Water provides a gentle detox from radiation. Radiation is affecting our bodies from chemo treatment, rapid antigen test swabs and other nasal swabs used for testing for “covid” along with the radiation sources already mentioned.

The Russians originally researched the use of shungite as a response to radiation poisoning when they were gravely concerned about the danger of nuclear war with the West in the 1960’s.  The Russians found that SHUNGITE binds with Radioactive isotopes and expels them from your body naturally. This incredible research has been published in recent years making it possible to benefit from this knowledge for our health here and now.

Shungite water provides simple and gentle detox that you do each day by simply drinking clean filtered water that has spent up to 3 days or more in shungite rocks in your bench top water system or in a glass or ceramic crock. Learn how to make fullerene or shungite water at our store here:

Nascent Iodine is a consumable iodine in its atomic form rather than its molecular form. It is an iodine atom that has an incomplete number of electrons. It is paramagnetic. What does that mean? Well, it means that the iodine atoms can hold an electromagnetic charge. While this all might sound a little like a flashback to chemistry class, the most important thing to understand is that Nascent Iodine has a huge energy release when consumed. This “charged” state is held by the atom until diluted in water and consumed, whereby it gradually loses energy over a 2-3 hour time span. During this time, Nascent Iodine is recognized by the body as the same iodine that is produced by the thyroid and is absorbed effortlessly by the body. Depending upon your desired effect. One drop = 400mg of iodine.

nascent iodine

Nascent iodine for radiation detox. 6 drops with water daily.

If using iodine for additional energy and general improved health or to detox from radiation take up to 6 drops daily.

Frequent small doses are more effective than larger amounts at less frequent intervals. Always take on an empty stomach.
Most will find that it is important to build up your dose gradually in order to experience the least amount of detoxification symptoms.

Recommended: Take on an empty stomach 30 minutes before or 1 hour after meals, medications and/or supplements. Taking it after 4 PM could raise your energy levels and keep you awake at night. It is recommended to take before breakfast, before lunch and then again before 4pm. Find Nascent Iodine at your nearest health store, don’t bother with anything cheap and nasty it will not work.

Magnesium one of the plausible ways we can balance out excess calcium and minimise EMF damage is to take its antagonistic mineral — Magnesium. In 2013, Dr. Martin Pall from Washington State University published a groundbreaking paper on the mechanisms that could explain how EMFs are able to stress every single cell in your body. (1)
Pall argues that these EMFs do not directly damage your DNA, but instead disrupt the calcium channels in your cells (Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels/VGCCs, to be exact)… letting excess calcium flow in 24/7, and creating a ton of downstream side effects.

In other words… the more you are exposed to wifi, cell phone signals and other kinds of wireless devices… the more your cells get filled with abnormally elevated amounts of calcium.
How is that a problem? Calcium is an essential mineral after all.
Here’s the problem: Every single part of your body can seriously suffer from excess calcium.

– Excess calcium in your brain = links with dementia & Alzheimer’s (2)
– Excess calcium in your heart = arterial plaque & increased heart attack risks (3)
– Excess calcium in your nervous system = nervous system disorders and multiple sclerosis (4)

Most of all, excess calcium in your cells leads to the generation of peroxynitrite, a reactive nitrogen species which could lead to serious DNA damage and increase your risk of cancer. (5)

Magnesium might just be Mother Nature’s all-natural calcium channel blocker/regulator, but up to 80% of the entire population is deficient in it — which is definitely a concern in our electro-polluted world. Our soils are very depleted in magnesium, and the top magnesium experts in the world like Dr. Carolyn Dean argue that getting enough of this key mineral through diet alone is nearly impossible. Magnesium does NOT make you somehow invincible when exposed to EMFs. It is essential for your health to avoid EMF exposure as much as humanly possible. Magnesium taken with potassium and taurine works the best for those with muscle cramping issues.

Take  each of these daily and you are going to notice how healthy you feel.
We do hope you choose to detox daily using this protocol and share this article with those you love.

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