Dirty Electricity

What is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty Electricity(DE) is actually a Mid-high frequency (100Hz-100000KHz) electric noise that make it’s way over the house electric wires and that is created because of the way that electronics and none linear electric consumers works (electric consumers like switched power supply, computers, CFLs , other electronics) and also from external sources (like RF sources next to power lines). This noise is carried over the electric wires all around the house and since the noise frequency is higher than 50Hz (relatively to 50 or 60 Hz electric frequency) the electric and magnetic fields that are created by these currents can cover all the room. It is possible to measure the electric and magnetic noise also 2 meters from the wires (walls), while it is usually possible to measure the ELF fields only half a meter from the wall.

How is Dirty Electricity created?

Dirty Electricity is created as a side effect of the operation of none linear power electric consumers and electronic-electric compliances. Devices such as computers, CFLs, switched power suppliers dimmer switches, step motors, electronic equipment and others create DE. A swished power converter, for example, works like a small electronic power switch that switches the power off whenever it accedes several volts, and then switch it on again when it declines. Each of these On-Off switchings creates a short voltage pick. When it happens, again and again, it creates a cycle of picks and bursts in high frequency.

Transporting computer networks over the home and high voltage power lines also contribute to the level of DE. In some cases, even RF transitions near a power line or electric wires create DE. For example installation of a Cellphone antenna on the power line polls will cause high-frequency noise over the power lines, therefore will create DE that will make its’ way to the nearby buildings and apartments.

DR source-power supply
laptop switch power supply
Compact Fluorescent Lights – CFL, a source of Dirty Electricity
Compact Fluorescent Lights – CFL, a source of Dirty Electricity
Light Dimmer switch, a source of Dirty Electricity
Light Dimmer switch, a source of Dirty Electricity

Health effect of Dirty Electricity

Dirty Electricity may cause general health decline, cause health symptoms to become more drastic, special in neurological conditions and EHS (Electromagnetic hyperSensitivity).

Video– Health effect of Dirty Electricity

Ways to reduce Dirty Electricity

In order to reduce the creation of Dirty Electricity in your house, you need to use your electrical and electronics equipment wisely. Disconnecting DE sources from the power plug, cutting them off the power when not using them will reduce your exposure to the DE they create only to the time you need to operate them.

Changing equipment that creates lots of DE with similar equipment that creates less DE, for example, stop using CLF and change them back to the old condescend light blob, switching your dimmer switches to On-Off switches will reduce the level of DE in your house.

Measuring Dirty Electricity

Measuring Dirty Electricity is possible by using an electronic scope combined with a low pass and high pass filters. This will allow you to actually see the wave of the 60-50Hz electricity and the higher frequency electronic noise. You will need to measure the electronic noise amplitude and main frequency (if exist). The advantage of using a scope is that according to the noise wave shape, frequency and amplitude, you can make an educated guess about the main source of the noise. The downside of using an electronic scope is that they cost a lot and aren’t easy to operate.

A second way to measure DE is by using a specially designed meter that gives you a number that is calculated from the noise frequency and amplitude. As higher the number is the more DE is present. The advantage of using this meter is that it is very simple to use. In addition, the meter is much cheaper than a scope.

on the left a Dirty Electricity meter. On the right an electronic scope.
on the left a Dirty Electricity meter. On the right an electronic scope.

How to measure Dirty Electricity

When testing for Dirty Electricity you need to try and understand the electric circuits of the house and then test every socket. The objective is to understand what are the levels in each electric circuit and which devices and lights are the sources (turn ON and OFF and see the difference in the DR levels).

For example, if you connect the meter to one of the sockets in the bedroom, and you see a level of 50GS Units, it is OK (-+). Then when you turn ON the light you see a level of 400 GS, then the light (bulb or transformer or dimmer or switch) is the source.

Sockets that show the same levels (without changing the lights ON/OFF) and are close together are usually on the same circuit.

Test and retest until you find all the sources and understand the levels and circuits.

Filtering out Dirty Electricity

After doing some steps to minimize the levels of Dirty Electricity in your house, it is possible (and recommended) to filter out the remaining DE. This is possible by plugging in special filters to the electric sockets in the walls. The filter directs the Mid frequency DE noise to the electrical Neutral. The filters look like a small electric device and their shape varies from country to country. Before and after each filter is plugged in, you should measure the levels of DE in the relevant electric circuit.

The operation should be repeated and more filters should be plugged in until the DE levels will drop to the normal level (use a DE meter to verify). In some houses, you will need more than 15 filters and in some only several.

Safety distance

Since the filters tham self emits small levels of ELF EMF, I recommend keeping a safe distance of 1-2 meters from them. So don;t install them next to your bed, desk, sitting area.

EHS people may react

Some EHS people may react to these fields emitted by the filters, or to the change the filters make on the electric signal. If the reaction is to the fields, you might want to install the filters farther away. If the reaction is for the change in the electricity signal, you might want to install the filters only next to the electric cabinet.

Installing filters next to the electric cabinet

Installing the filters next to the electric cabinet will “clean” the electric signal where entering the house, and if the cabinet is in a remote part of the house might also help with increasing the safety distance from the filters. The key hear is to install several filters on each phase, next to the electric cabinet. This should be done by an electrician who should install several sockets for each phase going out of the main brackets.

Installing filters outside the house

In extreme cases of EHS, I have in the past installed the filters in a water proof boxes and put them in the garther, outside the house. the connection to the house electric system was done using a long cable. This kind of installation should be done by an electrician.

Remember to reduce DE before installing filters

Since the filters are not cheap it is recommended to install them only after the levels of DE is minimized by unplugging sources of DE from the electric supply and only then to measure DE and install filters.


Dirty Electricity filter
Dirty Electricity filter

Ordering Dirty Electricity Filters and meters

Please note that the filters themselves emit some low level of ELF EMR, so you need to keep at least 50cm safety distance from them. For people with EHS we recommend to first try out several filters before ordering any number of them.