ELF – Extremely Low Frequency

Electromagnetic radiation (EMF) in extremely low frequency(ELF), around the 60-50 Hz which is emitted from electronic and electric devices, power lines, motors, electric and electronic transformers, electric appliances and more. Its intensity usually decreases significantly after a few meters, but it is very expensive and difficult to block it. Therefore the best thing to do is to find(with an EMF meter) and keep safety distances from the sources. ELF Magnetic field protection is possible when the sources are electric cabinets. In some case, it is possible to shield Electric fields from electric and electronic devices, mostly for EHS people. It is not possible to shield the ELF magnetic field from street electricity infrastructure. There are 2 types of ELF Fields: Electric fields and Magnetic fields.

Electric Field

One type of ELF field that is created when there is a voltage difference between 2 conductive surfaces. This field is easily blocked by most electric conductive substances and building materials.

Magnetic field

The second more common and problematic field in ELF is Magnetic Field. It is created over and around a conductive wire when electric current is running through it. Very expensive and complicated to block since most building materials can’t block it and since even if it is blocked it might come around the blocking suffice.

Frequencies of ELF 

  • 0Hz-300Hz (sometimes also up to 10000Hz will be considered as ELF)
  • Mostly 50 or 60Hz
  • Mid Frequencies (EMI) 600Hz- 100KHz (and even higher).

Units of ELF

  • For magnetic fields: mG – milliGauss or uT – microTesla
  • For Electric fields: V/m – Volts per meter.

Specific types and sources of ELF

  • Every electric cable
  • Electric appliances
  • Electric power plants and infrastructure

Characteristics of ELF

  • Not directional
  • Very hard to stop and block (magnetic ELF field compared to RF)

Other names of ELF

  • Electric radiation
  • Magnetic radiation
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Electric Field
  • Magnetic Field

Safety standards 

  • In most of the world the safety standards are based on the non protective, short temp exposure ICNIRP standards.
  • The ICNIRP standard allow short temp exposure of 2000mG.
  • My recommendation is to keep the exposure as low as possible and start taking action in 2mG.

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