The Extreme Health Dangers of 4G / 5G Radiation (text+video)

Health Implications of 4G / 5G Radiation to Mankind, Animals, Insects and Nature..

In an interview with Sir Julian Rose in 2018, renowned British Physicist & the worlds leading expert on microwave weapons & radiation, Barrie Trower outlined in great detail the very real dangers we now face from microwave technology. Barrie is ex British Navy and Secret Service.

This isn’t some dystopian view of the future – this is now – in real time. We are experiencing the rapid decline of natural life due to technology that has been forced on us without full disclosure or informed consent – and with it we risk the rapid decline of civilization itself.

The industry and government agencies have stated over and over again that there is no danger from 4/5G – suggesting that saying otherwise is conspiracy theory and to simply ‘trust the science’.  The implication is that somehow we should ignore the real scientific evidence and growing pool of statistical data that counters their commercial interests or challenges their narrative.

To date the industry has denied that they are culpable for any death and injury. Indeed they would seem to be beyond beyond our reach and recourse. Barrie Trower has both the science and proof of the deception and denial – how the laws have been ignored and how the truth has been actively suppressed.

If you watch the video below please set aside the 1 hour 35 minutes needed to watch in its entirety. The Rose/Trower interview has very good news for those of us who want to take practical action to stop and reverse the rollout. It seems that the self-regulated framework and industry standards that big tech and the telcos hide behind is flawed. The industry standards in fact do not include legal safety levels of exposure to radiation for children, the elderly or those with ill health. It appears that this single standard – in place for many years and adopted from the military – only covers healthy adults for short term exposure.

So what we have now is not only real unbiased science but also a legal avenue. This means that we can push back at grass roots level by using the law to challenge the legality of the placement of towers where children, the elderly or the ill live or gather. This would surely mean just about everywhere we live and work..

Imagine seeing towers and equipment removed from school grounds, hospitals and aged care facilities – and that’s just the start. Spread the good word, find ethical lawyers and create class and personal actions – its time big business was bought to account!

If you don’t think there is anything to worry about consider this – Maurice Maeterlinck in his 1901 work “The Life of the Bee” estimated that at least 100,000 varieties of plant are dependent on pollination and that without the bee humankind might have as little as four years left of survival!

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Watch Barrie Trower interviewed by Sir Julian Rose in 2018 below.