EHS / Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

EHS is short for Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (also known as ES- Electro-Sensitivity, or “WIFI Allergy” or “Radio wave sickness” or “Microwave sickness” or “Electricity Allergy”) is a condition in which a person’s body reacts to man-made Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR / EMF) with the appearance of physiological sensations and phenomenons.

A person is usually not born with EHS. The condition is usually built over time and as the person’s exposure becomes longer and worse.

3 Levels of EHS – Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

We define 3 levels of EHS:

First Level – Mild level – A person feels the radiation when using a cellphone, smartphones, other personal wireless devices, or when exposed to high levels of EMF (RF or ELF). Symptoms take minutes to fade off.

Even in this mild level of EHS, the symptoms can cause problems & difficulties in the daily routine, of work, family and social life. For example, difficulties to concentrate may appear when suffering from headaches. Usually, people with mild EHS try to continue with their daily routine and to function to their best.
We believe that in 2019 more than 30% are already mild EHS.

Most people with a mild level of EHS are not aware of the cause and to the association with smartphones or wireless devices.

Second Level – Mid-level – A person starts to suffer from more symptoms, even when exposed to lower levels of EMF, mainly from RF devices, cellular infrastructure, smart meters, and other devices. Symptoms take hours and days to fade off. In this level, there is already some difficulty to function in today’s wireless world. It is not easy to keep working or to stay in an environment with people, wireless and mobile devices.

Third level – High Level – A person suffer even from very low EMF levels, both from weak RF and ELF sources. Symptoms might takes days or weeks to fade off. In this level of EHS, there it is impossible to work or function in today’s wireless world.

Different times, different names

In different times, and different locations there were different names for EHS, mainly according to the type of exposure that was most common at that time and place.

At the 50’s and 60’s the main exposure was of army personal to radar installation and the name that was used was mainly “microwave sickness” or “microwave syndrome”, alongside “Radar sickness”.

At 1970-80 the main exposure was of office workers to CRT monitor and electricity system. Back then the name that was mainly used is “Electricity Sensitivity”(ES for short) or “Electricity Allergy”.

At 1990-2010 as the cell phones and WIFI systems have become widely used, the term that is used becomes “WIFI Allergy”, “Cell phone Allergy”, and more general and common name “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity”.

The name that is usually used in studies and articles and bodies that consider EHS to be of a psychosomatic nature is ” Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance (IEI) ” with the “Idiopathic” ( relating to or denoting any disease or condition which arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown ) hinting that they think the source is unknown or not real and not related to EMF exposure.

This term is used for several types of environmental illnesses, with the “EMF” marking the possible or suspected or reported cause, combining together the long name of ” Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance (IEI) – EMF.

Feeling the radiation?

We estimate that today (2021), more than 50% can already feel the EMF radiation and they are on their way to becoming EHS.

The First symptoms are usually headaches, heat sensation and tingling sensation on the skin next to where you hold or keep the phone or other wireless devices. These first symptoms might appear while or shortly after using your own cell phone/smartphone or other wireless devices.

At first, the symptoms disappear shortly after exposure ends. When the condition becomes more series, more symptoms appear, faster, in even lower exposure levels such as when in view of a cell tower or few meters from a WIFI router or a person with a radiating smartphone.

Our estimation is that today about 30% of the public already suffers from mid to high-level EHS.

Our estimation is that as the exposure levels will increase in our wireless world, so will the number of people suffering from EHS.

Obstacle Course

We regret to say that, but today most people who already suffer from their exposure to EMF are not aware that the cause for their symptoms is EMF exposure. Even when a person understands the connection he has to go through a long process in which doctors and professionals will tell him “it is not possible” and that “EMF radiation has no biological effect”. This is caused because of the misunderstanding of EHS in the wide and professional public. Some people and professionals even believe that the source of EHS is psychosomatic.

These views are based on false personal opinion backed up by false exposure studies carried out mostly by psychiatrists who have no understanding of EHS and EMF, trying to prove that EHS is not real.

Studies about EHS

The first studies in this field were full of logical problems and errors because of wrong assumptions about EMF and EHS.

These studies protocols were problematic in the way they exposed the subjects to different types of EMF when there was supposed to be no exposure (“sham exposure” was actually “partial exposure”).

In most of these studies, the subjects were asked if he thinks there was any radiation or not.

In some studies, the recovery time between exposures was too short and the researches expected the EHS subjects to react as an ON-OFF switch and identify whether there is or isn’t radiation right away (for most EHS people it takes minutes for the symptoms to appear and few hours to disappear).

Other studies, usually, from the last few years, are based on running objective medical tests on the subjects, before, during and after exposure and recording their medical index and parameters. These new studies found neurological and physiological changes in the subjects when exposed.
These problems and others are explained in the EHS science page (see link below).

Our viewpoint

Our opinions on EHS are based on our personal experience with dealing with EHS and technically supporting EHS people in their recovery process. It is also based on our understanding of the studies that were made about EHS. In our opinion, EHS is a physical condition caused by exposure to several types of EMF. It can be caused because of short term exposure to high levels, or long term exposure to lower levels, both much lower than today’s so-called safety standards. Due to the exposure to EMF, the body slowly loses its ability to sustain EMF exposure. At a certain point, the body starts to develop symptoms even when the exposure is much lower than the exposure to made it become EHS.

Are you an EHS person?

If you get a headache whenever you talk with your cell phone or cordless phone, if you feel the heat sensation when exposed to EMR, then you might be an EHS person.
Press here to read more about EHS self-diagnosis…

Handling EHS – Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity

There are no magic tricks or quick treatments that are going to make you none-EHS again. Getting better requires work, changing habits and lots of perseverance.

  1. The first steps of coping with EHS should be to stop the use of wireless devices and cellular equipment, to drastically reduce the person’s EMF exposure from his own personal equipment.
  2. Migrate from wireless/cellular technologies and devices, to “low EMF” wired technologies. Keep safety distance (of at least  1-2 meters) from electrical and electronic equipment.
  3. A basic tool in the process of coping with EHS is a fast EMF meter (electrosmog meter).
  4. Use the “4 Step Program to acquire knowledge, to measure the EMF in your environment, to prefect the exposure reduction, and to use EMF protection in the right way, when needed.
  5. Mental coping with EHS (positive thinking, not becoming a victim, never giving up).
  6. Improving your health in every possible way.

EHS – Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Recognition

In our opinion, even if there is no consensus about the cause, EHS suffering and disability have to be recognized worldwide.

EHS is only partially recognized by some medical and scientific communities. However, currently, there is no consensus regarding the causes of EHS. Most bodies acknowledge the suffering of EHS people but suggest that the cause is not the exposure to EMF. Other groups, governments and scientific bodies fully acknowledge EHS as a disability caused by the exposure to EMF radiation. Courts around the world have started to acknowledge EHS individuals as disabled because of their EHS condition.

Testimonies and stories of EHS people

The book “Black on White – Electro-Hypersensitivity – The Swedish Experience” brings more than 400 stories of EHS people from Sweden.