Shungite Square Plate Tiles | Polished & Unpolished


Shungite Tile Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 1cm depth.

How To Use the Tiles:

These shungite tiles can be used to tile areas such as counters, desks and dividers to ensure  you create EMF safe work spaces. These tiles can also be placed under equipment to absorb and neutralise electro-pollution.

Place your mobile phone on a tile when not in use and particularly when charging to stay safe. Place your router on one or two of these tiles to reduce harmful radiation emanating from the router when turned on.

Create an EMF resistant bathroom or kitchen with classic black shungite tiles. The unpolished tiles make a beautiful matt finish and ooze class and ground your energy whilst you relax in your bathroom.

Use the shungite tile as a base for crystal grids to create beauty and protection in your home or workplace.

Create a shungite tiled floor to create a faraday floor to reduce EMF coming from the earth beneath – known as geopathic stress or to reduce EMF that may be coming from apartments below your own.


Imagine a matt black or polished shungite tile that is both beautiful and protective in nature. Now how can you use it?

A shungite bathroom or lounge room.
These shungite tiles are a must have item in every home. One is never enough. These tiles come in polished and unpolished surface textures and can be used to tile your entire bathroom or to use as a base plate for your crystal grid The shungite tiles cleanses all other crystals that are placed upon the tile! These tiles provide a grounding experience for those who walk upon them. Imagine walking upon the tiles and grounding your body as you do so. Or perhaps you live in an apartment building with lots of routers around and underneath you. You can tile your floor and protect yourself from the EMF pollution below you.

Faraday cages made from the shungite tiles.

Use the shungite tiles to create a Faraday box or cage around any device such as a smart meter, or server racks that emit dangerous levels of EMF or dirty electricity – all radiation that can not be moved or reduced in other ways to protect people within a space.

Crystal Grid
Use the shungite tile as a base for your crystal grid cleansing at the same time. Place your crystals on the tile and cleanse the crystals using the transmutation abilities of the shungite tile. Shungite does not need any kind of cleansing of its own.

Place these shungite tiles all around your home for your protective needs. 

Place one of these beautiful shungite tiles under your internet router to protect you and your family from harmful EMF radiation from the router. Always turn off your router before bed to reduce emf during your sleep.
Place a tile near your frequently used phone charging terminals so that your phone can rest on it, providing protection from the harmful and increased radiation emanating from your phone as it charges!

Safety tips for phone charging.
You should in fact never use your phone when it is charging as the huge spike in harmful radiation coming from your phone when charging is both uncomfortable to the human body and dangerous.
You may have noticed increased buzzing and pain up your arm whilst using a phone when it is charging?
This is a strong indicator that way too much electrical charge is coming from your mobile phone during charging.
Unplug your phone to use it and plug it back again when you re finished to reduce your exposure to extreme electrical radiation. Let it charge or use it unplugged for your safety.