Polished Shungite Egg and Stand | 6cm


A shungite egg holds within itself; the universe in its infinite potential.

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What does an egg mean to you?
Is it an image of infinite potential that which contains all of the possibilities in the development of the universe.
An egg is compared to the womb in which the seeds of creation are contained, from which all beings have emerged.
An egg is the beginning of life, symbolising offspring, rebirth and new life.
In Egypt, the hieroglyph for egg is a determinative sign with the meaning “potential” or “seed”.

How to use a Shungite Egg?
This 6cm high egg hand carved from classic black shungite and polished to shine makes for a beautiful piece in your crystal collection. It is recommended to use the egg in spaces that require calm energy such as bedrooms or living room spaces.

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Dimensions 6 × 5 × 6 cm

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