Harmonizer Set – Pocket Sized Hemispheres – Shungite & Soapstone


Harmonize your  chakras and balance your bodies left and right energy pathways using these hemisphere shaped discs comprised of soapstone and shungite.
Place the discs in the following manner for meditation or simply close your eyes and focus on your breathe.
Thanks to scientific research, by Karelian academic and professional geologist Lipovskaya Yuri, it has been discovered that Shungite has “Yin” energy and should be placed in the left hand, whilst soapstone has “Yang” energy and is placed in your right hand.

We offer unpolished harmonizer pieces for your needs. The unpolished surface is rough and does not reflect light. Natural inclusions of pyrite and quartzite minerals are clearly visible on such surface of Shungite hemisphere discs. The type of surface does not affect the energy of the shungite harmonizers.

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These easy to carry pieces are balanced in weight and feel comforting to hold. Have them at your bedside for an early morning meditation or even at your work desk to balance your energies at any time of the day. If you place the discs in front of your laptop or desktop computer you will then benefit from the EMF protection that the shungite hemisphere provides. Keep the hemispheres in your handbag for meditation whilst on public transport or whilst sitting in horrible traffic, taking to a park during your lunch hour or simply to have nearby for energetic protection.

Calm Your Body With Shungite

In addition, in conditions of constant geopathogenic stress, the energy of a large shungite stone can have a sedative effect.
Use the shungite stone to calm you at night, perhaps keep your harmoniser nearby your bed. We like to keep shungite under our pillow at night. If the rod is not the right shape for your bedtime needs perhaps choose a tumbled stone or a piece of elite shungite to use in your bedroom or under your pillow.

Authentic shungite helps to direct the internal energy and emotions of a person and bring harmony to your mind, soul and body. Shungite is used during meditation practices as  it protects from outside interference during trance states and out of body practices and maintains a connection with the physical body.

Shungite helps the modulation of incoherent vibrations into coherency: Since shungite has access to ancient patterns of all kinds, this stone can help to bridge the gap, vibrationally speaking, between various energies, in a similar way to Herkimer diamonds in that they can help to attune one thing to another. If you do any kind of healing work, activational work, Reiki attunements, massage or distance healing, shungite would be helpful as a technical tool to get everyone on the same energetic vibration to begin.

Shungite  and soapstone hemispheres such as these are perfect for grounding before and after massage sessions. Many therapists use these for their clients or for themselves before working on another body and its energy. Grounding oneself after bodywork is an essential aspect of the process. These harmonising shungite and soapstone rods can be used for grounding at anytime. Most people who are sensitive to the subtle changes in their energy field feel the impact of holding these rods immediately. For those of who are not yet attuned to the subtle energy of your body  you will also benefit from the harmonizers use.

We are in one doozy of an Earth cycle as we move into the Aquarian Age and shungite is one serious mineral worker and ally that can assist us in transition through this cycle. If you are doing any kind of lightwork, professional healing work, or personal healing work, I guarantee you that shungite would be an excellent stone to grab to use for yourself and your clients on a  daily basis. Consider using polished shungite stones for hot rocks or for placement upon the body or below the massage bed if doing Ka Huna work. Shungite works with the base chakra to ground us.


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