Shungite | Tumbled Stones | 100-150 gm


These tumbled shungite stones are rather like natural river pebbles perfect for your office or placed around your home to reduce your EMF exposure throughout your home. The average weight per tumbled stone is 100-150 gm per stone.

The shape and size of individual shungite stones will always differ. Shungite contains inclusions of quartz (white) and pyrite (yellow). Shungite stones are pre-washed to avoid staining however rubbing a stone will leave a black carbon trace.

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Tumbled stones

Each of these shungite tumbled stones are a large size. In order to give the raw shungite stone a rounded smooth shape, this shungite must be processed. After this treatment, the coal-black stone becomes a lighter grey color, but the texture of the stone and the inclusions of pyrite and quartzite are still clearly visible on its surface. In addition, the surface of such a shungite tumbled stone has a natural texture as in nature, this is significantly different from the polished surface of shungite.

These are random shungite stones. The weight of these stones is approximately 20 grams  up to 900 grams (0.044 to 1.98 pounds).
Imagine an ancient stone that is half the age of the Earth? You will agree that if you hold such a mineral in your hand, you will feel a unique energy. This energy may be due to the fact that shungite stone contains natural fullerenes. This is a special molecule of carbon 60, which is found on Earth only in shungite from Karelia. And this rounded molecule looks like a soccer ball called a Buckey Ball.

In turn, shungite stone consists of a unique carbon called fullerenes. And this carbon has a special allotropic form. Further, researchers of shungite stone found that it consists of special round microparticles. Therefore, this composition is peculiar only to shungite.

As you know, modern science has proven the ability of shungite stone to shield electromagnetic radiation. So we know that shungite tumbled stone protects from EMF waves of high intensity. Moreover, shungite stone is able to cope with 5G waves.

Meditate with Shungite

And in addition, this large shungite stone can be a great stone to use to enhance meditation. Studies have shown that meditating with shungite in your hands held near your root chakra for 5 minutes will increase your proactive radius by a further 2 metres beyond what is possible before meditation.
People who practice yoga feel the strengthening of their root chakra with the presence of shungite stone.

Calm Your Body With Shungite

In addition, in conditions of constant geopathogenic stress, the energy of a large shungite stone can have a sedative effect.
A large free-form shungite stone will fit seamlessly into your collection of rare stones and should be available to calm you at night, so perhaps keep it nearby your bed. We like to keep shungite under our pillow at night.