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Testing for EMR and EMF (electromagnetic radiation & electromagnetic field) exposure.

What is EMF and EMR?

The terms EMR - electromagnetic radiation and EMF are generally interchangeable as they refer to the emission of photons. The terms do not indicate or measure voltage.

EMF or EMR (Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation) are the general names of all types of Electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation exists within an electromagnetic field.

Our main focus is on the following types of radiation:
  1. RF Radiation (Radio Frequency) from cell phone and wireless infrastructure, wireless personal & home devices.
  2. ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies) from electric infrastructure such as power lines
  3. EMF/EMR/EHF (Electromagnetic Radiation) from equipment and appliances.
  4. Dirty Electricity – (Electrical pollution) High frequency 'noise' from internal & external electricity lines.
We can test for RF/ELF/EMF/EMR exposure around / in your home and workplace in Noosaville and provide a report of the results - from $350.

What symptoms or illness can be caused by exposure to EMR - Electromagnetic Radiation?

EMR and EMF is invisible to humans and for most of us it is not easily detectable unless its in the form of or manifests as an illness or disease. Common effects of exposure include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • brain fog
  • headache/migraine
  • chronic fatigue
  • insomnia
  • various cancers.

Electromagnetic sensitivity can trigger allergies and physical responses such as reflexive avoidance (moving away from the source).  Thermal increase from device proximity (mobile phones, laptops tablets imndicztes radiation as a rise in temperature.

If your home or workplace radiation levels are above what are considered to be safe you should take serious action to lower EMF / EMR exposure. There are a number of things you can do to achieve optimal health. Once we test your environment we may be able to make some suggestions, both general and specific, to help you and you family.

Children are particularly to susceptible to illness bought on or triggered by radiation proximity as their cell replication is more rapid than that of adults.

What is a safe level of EMR - Electromagnetic Radiation exposure?

Over and above 'natural' sources of EMF such as cosmic rays, earth radiation, some experts in the field have suggested that there may be no safe levels of 'man-made' electromagnetic radiation.

Some people are much more sensitive to exposure than others. Most of us will notice sensations such as heat from mobile devices however many report a feeling or even report a feeling or sound of 'buzzing' from exposure.

Of particular concern is that over time there can be cumulative build up from medium to long term exposure. Though not noticeable at first this can eventually manifest in what is called Tipping Point Exposure. This refers to symptoms that are as result of the cumulative radiattion and the triggering of the symptoms which can be quite chronic and serious.

Are children more sensitive to EMR - Electromagnetic Radiation?

As mentioned, children tend to be more sensitive and vulnerable to the effects of radiation and may be susceptible to illness bought on or triggered by radiation proximity.

Children will sometimes move away from radiation whilst asleep if there is a source nearby (including in an adjacent room) by shuffling down or across the bed. They can sometimes actually fall out of bed as a consequence.

One of the most serious risks is that of childhood cancers particularity Leukemia.

What are the sources of dangerous EMR - Electromagnetic Radiation?

EMR / EMF is produced and emanated by a long list of appliances in the home or workplace including your refrigerator,  dishwasher, oven, microwave, washer and dryer, heater, air conditioner, television, computer, and of course your cell phone.

All of these devices are powered by a combination of electric and magnetic energy. Modern technology such as wireless internet and WiFi have transformed our home, work, and social life however along with greater convenience has come increased danger to our health and that of our children including at school.

The following devices emit the vast majority of the EMF / EMR you are exposed to in your home.

  • cell phones
  • laptops
  • tablets
  • Wi-Fi routers
  • Cordless DECT phones (digital enhanced cordless technology)
  • Microwave ovens
  • Bluetooth devices, such as headphones, AirPods, fitness trackers, keyboards, wireless mice, printers, baby monitors, hearing aids, speakers, gaming consoles and controllers, Amazon Echo and Alexa-enabled devices,
  • Any “smart” device including virtually any new TV, smart electric, gas, and water meters

What is EMF/EMR (Electromagnetic Field/Electromagnetic Radiation)?

There are many different types of EMFs. Each one has its own frequency, which is the number of waves that will pass through a fixed point per second.

  • Frequency is measured in units called Hertz (abbreviated to Hz).
  • One thousand Hz is a kilohertz (KHz)
  • One million Hz is a megahertz (Mhz)
  • One billion Hz is a gigahertz (GHz)

EMFs come from both natural sources, such as lightning and sunlight, and man-made sources, such as cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, electrical wiring, and microwaves. They exist in a spectrum, from extremely low frequency (3 Hz to 300 Hz) all the way up to gamma rays, which have a frequency greater than 1022 Hz.

EMFs are generally classified into two major groups: ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing means that that particular EMF has sufficient energy to disrupt the structure of an atom by knocking off one or more of its tightly bound electrons, transforming that previously neutral atom into an ion with a positive charge.

Ions are problematic as they can produce free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that have become ionized and are not able to connect to another structure in order to remove their unbalanced charge. They behave in an unpredictable manner in the normally ordered environment of cell biochemistry. Free radicals themselves are not dangerous as your body requires a certain level to stay healthy, however, in excess quantities, they become problematic.

Ionizing Radiation

Free radicals can attack the complex and precisely formed molecules of your cell membranes, proteins, stem cells, and mitochondria and convert them to damaged, and in many cases useless, forms. Ionizing radiation can also cause DNA damage. The main types of ionizing radiation are neutrons from radioactive elements like uranium, alpha particles, beta particles, X-rays, and gamma rays. Alpha and beta particles can be stopped by physical barriers, such as a sheet of paper or an aluminum plate so are not particularly dangerous. Neutrons from radioactive elements and X- and gamma rays on the other hand are far more penetrating, and exposure to them can cause serious biological damage.

Non-ionizing Radiation

Non-ionizing radiation does not have enough energy to create ions and so has been generally regarded as safe and biologically “harmless”. But we are now learning that there are other ways in which non-ionizing radiation can cause damage to living cells. Non-ionizing radiation is produced by electronics such as cell phones and other wireless devices including baby monitors, cordless phones, and smart appliances. The classification of non-ionizing radiation as universally “safe” in appropriate exposures has been proven to be false, though many still prefer to believe this. Not all forms of non-ionizing radiation are damaging - visible and infrared light are forms of non-ionizing radiation; both of which are important for human health. It's well established that exposure to these forms of light is necessary for optimal health. There is compelling proof that non-ionizing EMFs have the ability to cause great harm to your health.

Some helpful terms and definitions

As far as EMF radiation types are concerns we focus on the following 3 types of EMF:

  • RF Radiation (Radio Frequency) from cell phone and wireless infrastructure, wireless personal and home devices, alongside military technologies.
  • ELF EMF from electric infrastructure and appliances.
  • Dirty Electricity – High frequency noise that is origin from electronic parts and devices and is carried over the electric line.

Non-ionizing radiation

Non-ionizing radiation” is a Generic term that describes various types of radiation. Non-ionizing radiation as its name implies is electromagnetic radiation which is can not ionize the material (not taking electrons from their path around the atomic) through it passes

EHS – Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity

A physical condition in which a person can feel Electromagnetic radiation, or when he experiences health and physical symptoms when exposed to different kinds of EMR. About 10% of the population is EHS (only 3% are aware of that). The basic symptoms of EHS are headaches, chronic fatigue, joint pain, memory problems, and more.

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EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation)

EMR or EMF is a general name of all types of Electromagnetic radiation.

MW or RF – “Microwave radiation” or “Radio Frequencies”

A general name for High-frequency electromagnetic radiation between 0.1 to 300 GHz. This radiation is emitted from all electronic wireless communication devices that are based on radio signals, for example, Radar, TV and radio broadcast, WIFI, wireless phones, mobile phones, Bluetooth, satellite communication, wireless communication systems, wireless point to point systems and more.

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Cellular radiation

Cellular radiation is an RF radiation that is emitted from cellular devices (phones) and base stations (masts).
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ELF – Extreme Low Frequencies

Electromagnetic radiation in extremely low frequency, around the 50 Hz which is emitted from electronic and electric devices, power lines, motors, electric and electronic transformers, electric appliances and more. Its intensity usually decreases significantly after a few meters, but it is very expensive and difficult to block it.
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Dirty Electricity

High-frequency noise that is created by electronic and none linear electric components. The noise is then being “moved” over the electric wires all around the house. Dirty Electricity is emitted from the electric wires and “covers” all the house. People that are exposed to high levels of Dirty Electricity react in different ways some experience EHS related symptoms, or neurological symptoms.


Frequency is the number of times that a certain cycle phenomena accord in a single second. If for example I am clapping my hands, and I manage to do it 10 times in a single second (just imagine I could) then the frequency of my action would be 10 Hz. If I manage to do it 10000 times, then the frequency would be 10000Hz or 10KHz for short. One way to tell apart different types of electromagnetic radiation is to note the frequency of it.  The meaning is to say in which frequency this radiation appears, how many times in one second there is an emission of EMR.
The number of cycles in a second of an electric signal is the signal’s frequency.
1,000 = K = Kilo1,000,000 = M = Mega1,000,000,000 = G = Giga

Electric Field

One part of electromagnetic radiation. An electric field is created when there is a difference in electric potential between 2 points.

Magnetic Field

The second part of electromagnetic radiation. A Magnetic field is created around an electric wire when an electric current is running via it.

About Noosaville QLD Sunshine Coast Australia

Noosaville and the Noosa central business and residential areas have seen the rollout of 5G - especially during the lock-downs of 2020.

Public and council notices and marketing materials mention this in terms of the innocuous phrase "small cell" installations.

5G (or 5th Generation) technology although very powerful over short distances does not travel far and therefore needs to be boosted and transmitted using repeaters - the boxes we see fitted to light posts and power poles etc. These boxes are installed at distances of 500m to 1km from each other so as to pass along the signal.

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